Monday, 19 February 2018

2.1 Too Much

hello again! i've decided that since i'm forgetful i won't tax people;instead college will only be avaliable once we reach 50,000 which is also the end of the challenge.

 the week starts with toddler training,luckily smart milk exists otherwise most simmers would have their hair fall out in clumps due to stress.
 potty training...
 oh look brandi learnt parenting;considering that she'll need quite a few kids for my ltw (marry of 6 children) this is useful.
 here is chloe who has the same names as my cousin only my cousin is cuter.
 the two alien spawn levi (left) and madison (right)
here is the tip that is apparently "the grocery store" well at least it improves later.

 here is what it looks like on a busy day i should rename it the market stall
 here callum glitched out and just stood there so the customer went away in a huff things only get worse for the business after that...
 i don't think people liked the fountain very much...
 Brandi:EWW i married HIM?! he smells like a dead cat!
Callum:i like cats.
 "you shall be DEVOURED human"!
 "erm how about this pretty dress instead?"
 brandon lillard:"is there ever sun here? it seems like an eternal winter!"
alvin futa:-isn't interested at all-

that cannot be comfortable...

 that is literally the only income
can't remember why i took this picture actually.
i came up with a plan to increase the funds,move in brandi's townie friends then move them out into their own homes and it worked!
joe carr moves in

 i then exited the lot to place a sports lot so that joe can stay in the athletic career and the loading creen makes him look like a creepy uncle...
" hey move in with me so we won't starve!"
 meadow:touch me and you die!
brandi: wow triggered much?
 guests:yum burned grilled cheese...
 Joe:where did it's eyes go?
bye bye! we've got your money so tatty bye!
Joe:but now i'm broke!
Brandi:we're starting a city from scratch everyone will be broke at the start.

 while brandi uses a tampon(period hack) melissa also moves out;both joe and melissa are so poor it's unreal.
 callum:remember how we made out once?well if you move in you can do it again!(when your at a legal age)
meadow:oh goody goody!
then i realise she's too young to move out,so shes basically a nanny.
 with the 12,000 she brought (!how does she have all that if she's only about 15?!) we renovate the grocery store!
 top down view

and reaching level 0 shouldn't be good should be standard!

 brandi:i'm watching you...whore
meadow:i didn't even sleep with him!
brandi:not yet i'm guessing?
 a typical night.
 oh no he looks scary doesn't he? well at least it fits his job!
meadow turned from gold to green aspiration in SECONDS,leading her to nearly die.
callum:hurry up i've got more important things to do
madison:yor a meanie dada!
now her turn!

 caden: but i want to be the only big kid! D:
 madison:every thing seems...taller!
 brandi:say high chair!
chloe:hi char!
 i've always wondered what do you do if the potty overflows?
 mother and son skilling time!
 levi:do i have alien powers? like in the films?
callum:erm...probably not your just green
 callum:look i need 6 kids not 4 so lets try again
brandi:can't you just get abducted again?
 surround the human
 brandi:if you look at the stars you might see your alien planet!

and that was an image of the current town.
so far due to having 3 community lots we'll have 3 CAS sims,remember comment what you want to be if you want included!
i think next it's one of our readers...
tatty bye!

Friday, 16 February 2018

1.1 the start of a city

since the only vote was for a build a city challenge i'll start it now

i'll try to make my readers the CAS sims,but first my simself will be the founder,if you want to be included as a sim post a comment saying what you think your star sign,aspiration and turn ons/turn off

i'll tax people by 50% of their lot value so we can unlock college earlier,anyway meet the founder callum wilson,a gemini family sim with a LTW of marrying of 6 kids.

after taxing him by 30% he was left with 5200 and now he's going to have to dig for cash...

since i want 6 kids i need a spouse (or aliens) immediately,and only this garden women came.

but then melissa fancey came,but shes a romance sim so we'll see!

then komei tellerman and andrea hogan came;this is getting boring isn't it?

 all the ladies helped clen up
 got a telescope for babies

and get ready for a shock

and i died...-_- time to restart!

so after restarting the "house" looks better

 yay found treasure!
 filling up the aspiration panel
in real life i hate nature;apart from the aspiration and ltw this simself is just about the opposite of me.

 this is rare;normally townies would complain instead of helping.
 the quaint grocery store
 the annoying queues...
 tedious farming
but we found our future wife/baby maker!

 brandi:erm no don't touch me you don't even have plumbing
me:and you don't have good fashion sense

yeah brandi can't come to the phone because shes snogging some strange man
brandi: i'm not going to go out with you
 callum:fine i'll just go with meadow
ACR comes with unwanted pedophilia!
 she'll ruin the fridge before we can even use it
 brandi:you know i will date you...only because your the founder.
 yay marriage!
 filling up the aspiration meter
 so sex is a science activity brandi?

 i temporarily sold the bed to get a bathroom
 and so they were normal for an hour or so
 getting sick=mental breakdown
 vomiting=mental breakdown it's good i'm not playing a prosperity challenge isn't it?
 brandi:i gained 1 stone in a few seconds!
 i feel confuzzled

for each household there will be a naming theme based on the nationality,and it'll be a random name from a 2017 popular name list,my son was called caden grr i hate modern names what happened to james or peter? now i sound like a pensioner don't i?

tatty bye till next time!